When making a choice in life, do not neglect to live.

1. Start Here

Pita - $7.35

Fresh, home-made pita. Add a protein, choice of toppings and a sauce.

Plate - $8.45


Bed of rice, add a protein, 3 toppings. Includes a home-made pita.

Bed of greens - $8.95

Mixed greens, add a protein, choice of toppings and house dressing. Includes a home-made pita.

Kids Meal - $6.00

Plate with chicken kabob, pita, and your choice of potato rounds or rice.

2. Choose a Protein

Chicken Shawarma

Fire-roasted chicken marinated in Mediterranean spices

Beef Chevaps

Ground beef infused with select seasonings and grilled

Chicken Kabob

Marinated chicken breast on a skewer

Spicy Beef Chevap

Spicy beef chevaps

Falafel (vegetarian)

Chickpea fritters

*extra Protein with a meal +$3.50

*without a meal +$4.00

3. Choose your Toppings


Chickpea spread

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Spicy chickpea and red bell pepper spread

Spicy Kalamata Hummus

Spicy chickpea and Kalamata olive spread

Mediterranean Salad

Traditional tomato and cucumber salad


Cracked wheat and parsley salad

Black Bean and Corn

The name speaks for itself

Red and Green Cabbage Slaw

Zesty and tart

Feta Cheese

A Mediterranean favorite


Selection by Pinched

Sauteed Onions

Caramelized with spices

Field Greens

An eclectic mix

4. Choose a Sauce


Cucumber and yogurt

Lite Garlic

Garlic and lemon


Sesame seed sauce

Spicy Green Schug

Hot pepper sauce

Spicy Red Sauce

Super hot pepper sauce

*extra sauce $.55


House-made Soup

$3.75 / $3.45 with a meal / $12.50 for 1 quart

Hummus and Pita - $5.25


3 or 6 ($2.95 / $5.25)

Side of Rice - $2.25

Crisped Potato Rounds or Chips - $1.95

Pita - $1.05


4 oz. $2.20 / 8 oz. $3.95


Baklava - $1.95

Gourmet Cookie - $1.35

Beignets (Sat/Sun Only) - $2.75


Fountain Drinks - $1.95

Bottled Water - $2

Milk - $2

Juice - $2

Infused Water - $2